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Graphic Design.

Whether it's your social media posts, marketing materials or trade show displays, I’ll dig deep for that “nailed it!” design. It's best to start with a question and answer session to help me learn about what you need, and for you to learn about what I have to offer. I’ll buy the coffee.

  • Social Media Design

  • email marketing

  • brochure design

  • newsletter design

  • catalog design

  • powerpoint pitch deck

  • trade show display

print design
logo design

Logo Design.

It’s a simple visual representation of your business or brand. Your logo might be the perfect logo mark or custom typography . . . or a combo of those together. Do you want you logo to speak about you and stick with your audience?; then speak to me.


what's a design brief?

I can't design a successful logo without getting down to the facts about what's really unique about your company and who your target audience is. A design brief is a written document that describes the objective and scope of our project as well as what assets I will be delivering to you.

can you answer these questions?

  • What is your audience like?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What makes you unique?
  • Can you give examples of logos you like in your industry?
  • What about logos you dont like?
  • Where does your logo need to go? Print, Web, Outdoor, Apparel?
  • What do you want your logo to accomplish? 

it's a process.

Armed with these answers, I create some visual logo concepts for you to choose from. A picture’s worth a thousand words so your response and input to these concepts helps me refine and perfect your new logo. Your new logo will reinforce your brand and connect directly with your target audience.


brand style guide

I can supply you with a brand style guide for you new logo and brand. This is a set of instructions and rules for the use of your logo to ensure the consistent appearance of you brand. It includes things like the exact colors used, proper sizing, placement and appropriate fonts to use.


logo concepts for luxury med-spa

This client was launching a brand new Med Spa on the Florida coast. Taking inspiration from the local colors to connote a sense of serenity and renewal.

final logo version

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