My Design Process

initial consultation

I’ve got questions . . . I wanna to find out what you want your website to do for your business including your specific needs. And get some ideas about who your customers are while discovering what your styles and tastes are.


This is where I look at your competition. I want to find out which websites in your business category work well and which ones do not.

site architecture

Having learned what your priorities for the site are, I organize the structure of the website. Ensuring that the order of information and usability of the pages helps your website visitors find what they need on your website.

website design

Now its time for me to create the visual style of your site with a color scheme, fonts and graphic elements that present your company’s brand and the information in a way that makes a powerful impression on your visitors. The home page is usually the most important page so I tend to present you with a proof for that page first. This is where your feedback is most important because this dialog and the design tweaks to the home page here will be reflected in all the other pages designed.

website development

If you haven’t already tuned out, you will now because this is where i talk about how I code and test your site myself on my server before it goes live. Keywords and metadata get added. I test links and overall functionality.  If you need email addresses setup with  your new domain name, now is the time.


Like it sounds, this is where your website goes live to the public at your real website address. I transfer your finished website to its permanent server and run more tests making sure it works on all major browsers and on mobile devices.  Finally, I index your website with major search engines like Google and Yahoo which is an big help in increasing a websites visibility.


Are we good? . . .  I’ll make sure that you’re satisfied and that you are ready to start promoting your new powerful website. I will provide you with all the information you will need should you ever need another web developer to have access to your website files.