website design

You can expect a fresh website design that is fast loading, user friendly and a responsive winner.


mobile friendly

With all the scrolling, pinching and zooming that goes on these days. I will make sure that your website design looks great on phones, tablets and other devices. Text, images and margins will dynamically resize from desktop to mobile screen size in a thoughtful way.


website page speed

How fast your website loads for visitors directly effect both user experience and search engine ranking. Like pro sports, I’m against “performance enhancers” but I always use a lean website theme and premium plugins to ensure that your website in running it’s best race.


the elements of design

With proper headings, fonts, color scheme, white space and proper interactive elements, your website will nail that on-trend, modern style your visitors expect when they decide to do business with you.

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Check out some recent website projects  and my website design process and launch.

SEO tips.

on-page SEO.

Structuring your website content for best SEO ranking means organizing your titles, headings and text so that search engines can easily crawl and understand your content.

website links.

Backlinks will help increase your visibility. A good backlink is when a website of equal or better domain authority links back to your website.

social media content.

Post today, post tomorrow and then post some more. Your social media accounts are a great place to remind the world what’s going on at your business and how you can help them . Share your industry tips, inspirations, and more to increase your website search engine rankings.

Do you need a new website or need to brighten up your existing site?

I'll ask you questions to find out your wants and needs. You may not even know all your needs . . . that's normal.  Tell me all your problems and I will provide you with the design and implementation solutions.


responsive design.

Your current and future customers touch there mobile thingy all day long. Its more important than ever make sure that your website is easy to use on smart phones and tablets.



Do you want to sell products on your website? Then its a good idea to consult with a designer who can help you build a complete ecommerce system including store set-up, payment integration, and analysis.

email logo

e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing has stood the test of time and has proven it's ability to engage your audience. Sending a well designed email with a clear message and value to your existing customer list, can keep them aware of new products, discounts, and other services. Keeping customers engaged between purchases as well as reminding them to refer your business to their friends is the perfect use of email marketing. 


creative content.

Although its best for you to tell your story and pitch your services, you might need a little help writing the content. Website text is very important to a sites influence and visibility. If you need it, i can help you find the words.


domain registration/hosting.

If you need any help with securing your website/domain address and/or setting up a hosting account, just say so.


website maintenance.

An easy way of keeping a website cozy with search engines is updating content on a regular basis.  That means adding and changing text and photos as well as updating keywords.

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